Big Telecom Doesn’t Care About You

The result: slow internet speeds, poor service, and an experience that doesn't live up to expectations.


With a Big Telecom Provider, You’re Always Sacrificing Something



Service outages, poor call quality, and lagging internet speeds put your productivity and profitability at risk.



Complex phone menus, chatbots, and indifferent support staff can make a frustrating situation worse.



Rigid product packages force you to spend more than you need and come with invoices that are too complex.


Big Telecoms Assume They Have You Locked Into Their Lackluster Services

They think you’re too afraid to make a change because:

  1. They’re a "Big Name" brand.
  2. Change brings uncertainty.
  3. Switching can be a lot of work.

How Well Does Your Big-Name Telecom Provider Perform?

Have they delivered on their performance promises or do you experience outages that negatively impact your operations?

Does calling customer service make you feel like a number instead of someone going the extra mile to solve your issues?

Do they customize your services to what you actually need so you don’t overpay for services you won’t use?

Big Telecom Providers
Make Big Promises

They say you’ll get exactly what you need at the best price. They’re big companies, have tons of resources, and are the industry leaders, right?

5-Star Telecom Actually Delivers

They promise you’ll get the best value for your dollar.
In reality:
  • They determine what you need.
  • They structure rigid service packages based on how they can make the most profit.
  • Don’t need a certain service in your package? You pay for it anyway, or get hit with an upcharge.
They promise reliable uptime, consistent speeds, and high service availability.
In reality:
  • Internet speeds rarely meet the speeds you’re paying for. 
  • Numerous “scheduled outages” put your company at a standstill.
  • They don't have the service you need where you need it.
They promise expert support available 24/7.
In reality:
  • Their support teams are outsourced and understaffed, meaning long wait times and difficulty finding someone who can actually help.
  • They play “the blame game” and try to get you off the phone ASAP.
  • They view your support issue as a nuisance, not an opportunity to build a relationship.

If Big Telecom Wanted to Fix These Issues, They Would

These problems are built into their business model, so don't expect them to change anytime soon.

  • What if your telecom provider allowed you to focus on growing your business rather than fixing problems with technology?

  • What if your telecom provider was actually a telecom company, not a media or entertainment company offering telecom solutions?

  • What if your telecom provider was 100% focused on your success instead of their stock price?

5-Star Telecom

Service Quality Beats Network Size

Service quality is more important than a big brand name when it comes to your telecom provider.