The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for it Today


- The Atlantech Online Logo, 1995

The Company

Atlantech Online started with a vision to fill a need: commercial tenants in office buildings needed reliable access to the Internet. In 1995, dialup modems and T1’s were the primary means to do so. The company hired its first employees and those people started to build the network... and the future. As the Internet grew and technology improved, so did Atlantech. And the employees grew on a personal level, too. A tech support rep became head of network engineering. Another tech support agent became head of voice operations. A sales assistant has moved up to become Director of Sales and developed customers such as Montgomery County Government. The homegrown approach to growing the staff has manifest how Atlantech Online has helped shape the future driving by constant preparation.

The Workplace

Office Life

Atlantech Online has a fast-paced, employee friendly environment that will enable you to put your technical skills to use while you build on them. Open spaces. Breakout rooms. Kitchen with chairs and tables setup for socializing. Up-to-date technology. 

front doorkitchenconf_room

Downtown Silver Spring

For those not working remote, downtown Silver Spring offers shopping, dining, lounges and easy access via transportation. Atlantech Online corporate offices are located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, steps away from the Silver Spring Transit Center.

Group of young colleagues using laptop at office

The People

Atlantech Online is looking for smart people with positive attitudes

Doing things "the Atlantech Way" means working smarter, not necessarily harder. Always ready to learn, members of the Atlantech team are constantly investing in themselves.

Checking pride and ego at the door, team members aren't satisfied with being classified as capable of only one task. Field Service Techs may interest a prospect in a service during a site survey. A sales rep may help resolve a customers LAN issue when carefully listening to what is being said on a  phone call. A senior network engineer listens patiently as the customer describes their problem even though it has been predetermined that the caller is simply leaving caps lock on while entering their password.

Atlantech in many respects remains in startup mode even though the company is over 25 years old. Technology has changed over almost a dozen times in that time span. You've got to be smart to keep up with the pace of change.