Branded Calling: Boost Customer Engagement and Outsmart Mobile Spam Algorithms

Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
May 17, 2023
Branded Calling: Boost Customer Engagement and Outsmart Mobile Spam Algorithms

As a marketer for Atlantech Online, I sometimes feel inclined to do something silly or ridiculous in order to distinguish Atlantech Online from competitors. Hey... it works for GEICO! Because of so many available choices and different ways to make contact, engaging customers has become more challenging than ever. With multiple communication channels available, businesses need to stand out and build trust with their customers. Recently, I've come across a new and exciting way to engage customers. It is something called branded calling.

What is Branded Calling?

Branded calling is a modern communication strategy that allows businesses to personalize their communication channels, enhance brand recognition, and boost customer engagement. I believe that branded calling can help businesses bypass mobile carrier spam algorithms and improve customer engagement.

The rise of mobile communication has led to an increase in spam and fraudulent calls, forcing mobile carriers to implement spam filtering algorithms to protect their customers. While these algorithms are necessary, they often flag legitimate calls as spam, making it possible that you won’t reach your customer when you want to do so. The result is a decline in customer engagement and a missed opportunity to build trust and loyalty.

Branded calling provides a solution to bypass mobile carrier spam algorithms and increase customer engagement. By including a business's name or logo in the caller ID, the call is less likely to be flagged as spam. Additionally, customers are more likely to answer calls from a recognized business, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a better customer experience.

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Moreover, branded calling provides businesses with an opportunity to enhance their brand recognition. By adding a customized greeting, businesses can differentiate themselves from other callers and provide a professional and consistent brand image. The result is an improved customer expectation when their phone rings, increased customer engagement, and better brand recognition.

Four main benefits of Branded Calling:

  1. Improved Brand Recognition: Branded calling provides businesses with an opportunity to enhance their brand recognition by displaying their name or logo in the caller ID. This increased visibility cultivates brand awareness and helps build a stronger connection with customers.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Branded calling provides businesses with an opportunity to personalize the customer experience. Customized greetings, personalized messages, and targeted offers help build stronger customer relationships, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Increased Answer Rates: Branded calling increases the likelihood that customers will answer calls from recognized businesses. This increased answer rate improves customer engagement, promotes brand recognition, and fosters trust.
  4. Outsmart Spam Algorithms: Branded calling helps businesses bypass mobile carrier spam algorithms, ensuring that legitimate calls are not flagged as spam. This allows businesses to communicate with customers more effectively, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Implementing Branded Calling

Implementing branded calling requires a few simple steps. First, businesses need to ensure that their phone numbers are registered with mobile carriers to ensure that their name or logo appears in the caller ID. Next, businesses can create customized greetings that reflect their brand image and personality. These greetings can include personalized messages, special offers, or updates tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Additionally, businesses can leverage call analytics to track their performance and identify areas for improvement. Call analytics provides businesses with insights into customer behavior, helping them refine their approach and improve their customer engagement.

Branded Calling for YOUR Business?

Branded calling is a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve customer engagement and bypass mobile carrier spam algorithms. By personalizing the customer experience and displaying their brand identity, businesses can build stronger customer relationships, enhance brand recognition, and outsmart spam algorithms. Businesses that leverage branded calling can create a competitive advantage, foster lasting customer relationships, and drive business growth. In today's dynamic market, branded calling is a must-have communication strategy for any business looking to stand out and build trust with its customers.


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Tom Collins
Post by Tom Collins
May 17, 2023
Tom is the Director of Enterprise Sales & Marketing for Atlantech Online. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Internet Service Provider industry and is known for translating technology into positive results for business. A native of Washington, DC, a graduate from University of Maryland (degrees in Government & Politics and Secondary Education), Tom is also a five-time Ironman finisher.
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