Threatblockr Network Security

ThreatBlockr is a SaaS security enhancement that pro-actively neutralizes risks and automatically stops threats from ever connecting to your network. Experience intelligence-driven protection for smarter security today.

Blocks Threats Before They Get to You

Every organization’s #1 cyber security concern today is a threat from outside the network. Since 2020, cybercrime is up 600% thanks largely to the Global Pandemic. The volume of threats targeting organizations continues to explode. As a result, cybercrimes are expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025, according to validated research. ThreatBlockr is the only solution that is able to proactively block ALL known threat actors before they reach your network.

Blocks Compromised Devices from Connecting to Command and Control Networks

Employees and visitors are bringing devices into your office’s wired and wireless network on a daily basis.  Some of these devices are compromised by malicious software.  Threatblockr automatically blocks connections to known command and control servers so that these compromised devices cannot send and receive data to these known bad actors.

How it Works

Enterprises today needs a turnkey way to block modern threats before they reach their security stack. ThreatBlockr uses more than 50 cyber intelligence feeds to inspect, block, and log every known threat from hitting the network. ThreatBlockr’s patented solution is able to process massive amounts of cyber intelligence, to proactively block threats with zero impact on network performance. 


Threatblockr Protection: Want proof we can help you be more secure? We can show you what threat actors are connecting to your firewall and potentially in your network today


Instant and Accurate Mitigation

Maintain seamless operations and zero disruptions to applications/services, with always-on protection from the growing threat of attacks. 


Unmatched Visibility

Forensic-level analysis and reporting via a secured Service Portal.

Unparalleled Scalability

Unparalleled Scalability

Meet ever-growing business demands with always-on, real-time, pay as you grow your requirements protection.
World-Class Support

World-Class Support

Around the clock, 24x7x365 support and managed by Atlantech Online skilled technicians and analysts.

Skills-Based Routing

Easy Deployment

We can get your protection online and operational quickly and easily. 
 Simplified Protection

Simplified Protection

The need for manual intervention is eliminated with automatic protection that effortlessly integrates with existing networking and security technology.

Maintain Brand Reputation & Trust

Every successful attack has breached the security stack. Once the foundation of good cybersecurity, firewalls and other security products are not enough to block all of the sophisticated attacks that are being used by today’s hackers.

Enterprise defenders need a way to block modern threats that penetrate their security stack. ThreatBlockr uses more than 50 world-class cyber intelligence feeds to inspect, block and log every known threat from hitting your network. Gain instant network protection without expensive products or new, complex systems that just add to the noise. Our customers don’t need to change a thing in their existing stack – just plug the holes and rest easy knowing that every threat is blocked in real-time.


Threats are rising... are you protected?

"Choosing Atlantech is a decision I do not regret. Atlantech Online has made my job as telecomms manager a lot easier than in the past. There is no reason not to consider Atlantech Online as a CLEC."
Barbara O'Donnell
Assistant Chief Iti Division, M-NCPPC

Secure Your Network with Threatblockr

Here are your next steps for securing your network from attack:

Threatblockr Requirements Discovery Call

In about 30 minutes, we’ll cover your protection needs, current challenges, and outline a solution.

Quote Preparation

Based on your goals and needs, we'll build out your Threatblockr protection solution and pricing.

Implementation Plan & Installation

Once the quote is approved, we aim to complete your network protection implementation in just 3 - 5 days.

Block threats before they reach your security stack.

Protection against the tide of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

  • Improve firewall effectiveness while enabling the optimal secured network.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current security stack and improve it.
  • Quickly and intuitively mitigate false positives.



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